We have all heard about the alleged claims culture and the government's determination to scrap damages for 'whiplash'. Forgetting for a moment that this will not address the concern of fraud, nor guarantee reducing motor insurance premiums, this change has another very serious repercussion.  

A survey published today shows that the changes would have very serious impacts on the legal workforce and will result in significant and widespread redundancies. This will drive up unemployment, reduce tax revenues (insurance premium tax,  corporation tax, income tax, national insurance) and as a result drive up claims to the welfare system. Is this worth a £40 a year off your car insurance?

Compensation is not a culture, it is to help those injured by others deal with the consequences.  Yes it is abused by criminals, but so are alcohol, cigarettes and many other things but we don't ban them to reduce crime. The current proposals might reduce fraud but they will increase injustice, hardship, poverty and put further pressure on an already overburdened welfare system.