Today's announcement is the latest in a long list of recent statements from the government demonstrating that they fundamentally do not understand the legal system which underpins our society. 

Brexit mean Brexit - except it doesn't. 

We can trigger Article 50 without Parliament - no you can't.

We can retreat from Article 50 once triggered - we can't. 

Whiplash claims are minor, fraudulent or excessive - which they aren't. 

Ok, some are. And by 'some' I mean a tiny fraction. Most people are no more likely to fraudulent claim for an injury than anything else in life. People fraudulently claims out of work benefits, so should we scrap Income Support too? Clearly not. 

The only part of today's announcement which actually looks to tackle fraud is confirmation that INSURERS will no longer be ABLE to settle claims which evidence that the claimant is in fact injured. Odd that insurers claiming to the victims of mass, society wide, cultural epidemic of claims should need stopping from settling claims where no evidence of injury has been produced (and thus might actually be fraudulent) isn't it? But who am i...