Following on from my article last week, the government - in the shape of George Osbourne - have now confirmed their intention to segregate the Personal Injury market by the introduction of a higher small claims limit and some form of ban on compensation of whiplash.

Under the new promise the following injuries would be deemed too trivial (or undeserving) to either allow access to a solicitor in the usual way, i.e. be small claims, or be compensated at all:

1. a whiplash injury lasting 18 months;

2. a collapsed lung which fully heals;

3. PTSD resolving in 12 months;

4. fractured toes which fully heal;

5. a fractured nose requiring surgery;

The best advice to client's at this time is easy to give - do not delay! If you are injured in an accident, especially if it involves a car crash, go and see your solicitor immediately.

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