If the stories circulating today have even a grain of truth then the innocentvictims (a phrase which apparently bears repeating!) or motor accidents are in for a torrid future.

I wrote several months ago about proposal to limit damages in whiplash claims based on

the time taken to claim, which is an absolute farce under the current law, and

it appears that the government and insurance lobby have their answer – change the


If the suggestions of having a different small claims limits or limitation periods for

whiplash claim were ever enacted we would be faced with the utterly ridiculous

situation whereby someone might actually be better off being more badly

injured! (at least in terms of their ability to obtain access to justice).

Just for clarity I am not a bleeding heart who wishes to see money thrown at (or in the

case of true fraud stolen) for piffling injuries or ruthless claimants. However, the mooted

changes do not affect those persons – they affect real victims.

My most recent RTA client is an elderly lady who was injured by a

driver pulling out of a side street and into her vehicle, and who tried to

manage her symptoms and is only resorting to the law as she still is better some

13 months later. Is she a fraudsters who should be denied her recompense for

injuries for which she bares no blame?

The small claims limit change could lead to even more egregious injustices if brought

into effect. I am not sure if anyone outside of the profession realizes just how

badly injured one would need to be to obtain more than £5,000 for a whiplash

type injury, but based on the current version of the Judicial College

Guidelines one might require a period of discomfort at least 18 months to reach

damages of that level. Imagine being injured for over a year and being told

that you cannot get access to a solicitor (by virtue of the lack of recoverable

legal fees) to assist in the proper resolution of your claim!!

The government really need to think about this hard and to listen to all sides of

the debate properly before taking any action.