Abuse victims are not only regularly failed by the Criminal Justice System but are also punished by the Compensation Scheme designed to recompense them for their abuse. If the victim has a criminal conviction they can be deemed unworthy of compensation notwithstanding the fact that they have suffered horrendous abuse. This cruel regulation also applies to domestic abuse victims who may have been forced into prostitution or been forced to shoplift to feed their children. In addition to this abuse victims are also expected to make the CICA claim within 2 years of it occurring which is wholly unrealistic. The rules seem designed to exclude as many as possible rather than help out victims who often need the money to pay for their own therapy. The CICA Scheme does not differentiate between abuse victims and victims of other crimes, the rules are often inflexible and we find that although the scheme was designed to be used by the public without a lawyer realosticly a lawyer is essential for successful claoms.